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Karekiet 27, Mijdrecht
06-107 17001

Very professional and great communication.
Questions are answered quickly, we are very happy.

Karekiet 27, Mijdrecht
06-107 17001

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Central Heating replacement

We offer you only the best quality central heating units. Order now or read more about the possibilities.

Nefit cv ketel

In four steps


With your price quote request, let us know what you are looking for. We are better able to help with specific requests when you add photos.

Gas or hybrid

Will you choose a gas powered boiler, or will you go for the sustainable option of a hybrid or electric boiler?


Within 48 hours we will get into contact with you in order to discuss the details of the installation. 


The last step is making an appointment with you so that the work can begin.


The Best Quality

We offer you only the best quality central heating boilers.

All of our high-efficiency combination boilers are equipped with the unique Nefit Multigasblok. Thanks to the Multigasblok, you are ready for any possible changes to the composition of natural gas. Our HR-boilers also have a Low Energy central heating pump which means you save on both gas and energy.

Beste service

The Best Service

Every good product should also be paired with good service. We offer this service by always being online and ready. For example, take a look at our chat service. 

Everyday we answer many emails, messages and requests for price quotes so that we can be of better service to you. However, this does not mean we do not take our breaks. In order to continue offering our top notch services, we make sure to rest too.


The best warranty

We saved the best for last. Top quality products and services require a very good warranty to be paired with them. We offer this warranty on all our factory parts.

What is more, we offer you the best warranty when you purchase a new central heating boiler. We offer you - depending on the model - a 10 or 15 year warranty on the heat exchanger, the most expensive part of your central heating boiler.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM -5:00 PM | Sat-Sun by appointment only

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The best choice for installation engineering!

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